yahoo Group

A good way to stay in contact with everyone in the Society and get information faster is to join the AGMS list on yahoo.  If you would like to join this list and are a member in good standing, or would just like more information please Click Here to e-mail the list’s administrator.

More Information about these lists from the Operating Procedures:
The Webmaster may also monitor the Yahoo lists associated with AGMS. The Yahoo lists are not the official communication means of AGMS. They are informal means for AGMS members to communicate information that may be of interest to other AGMS members.  Only paid members of AGMS are granted access to these lists as they are closed to the general public. (owned by Lester Wetherell) is monitored to only contain information that adheres to the mission statement of AGMS. (owned by Diann Hill) is to be used for any other type of non club-related information a member wishes to post.  Both Yahoo lists will only condone appropriate language, legal activities, and no flaming (personal attacks) will be allowed.  Inappropriate use of the Yahoo lists will result in the poster (member) being placed on moderated status until their actions warrant being removed from moderated status.  Continued inappropriate use of the Yahoo list will be grounds for removal from said list where the repeated offenses have occurred.

AGMS is not responsible for any money transactions that occur as a result of postings on the Yahoo lists.  All transactions of this type are solely the responsibility of the poster and the responder to the post.

List members have at their discretion means to change the format in which they receive Yahoo communications (via their Yahoo account), which include individual posts, daily digests, special notices or web only.  AGMS accepts no liability for any issues that might arise from use of Yahoo groups.  AGMS members understand that Yahoo is not affiliated with AGMS in any manner and usersof proceed on their own accord without any recourse on AGMS in any form or fashion.