January 2018 President’s Notes – Welcome to 2018

AGMS Rockhounds,

Last year, as I pondered the many rewarding experiences that I have had as a result of my family’s involvement with AGMS, I wondered what I could do to give back. It wasn’t long before I was presented with an opportunity to do just that as your 2018 President. It is my challenge and opportunity to become more involved and to help enrich our members’ experiences new and old. Unfortunately, I can’t do it. But, happily, WE can. That is why I am asking each and every member from juniors to our most experienced and established AGMS veterans to challenge themselves to find a way to continue to grow their contributions toward our members’ experiences and our society’s goals.  Find a committee on which you’ve never served and join. Maybe you could reach out to make visitors and new members feel welcome. See a need that’s not being met, bring it up to the membership and let’s take it on. Do you want more classes? Ask Joyce Hrapsky how you can help. Do you want more field trips? Talk to Ron Carman about ideas you have and how you could contribute. Would you like to enrich our website’s content and design? Talk to Gary Collins and see how you can provide articles and ideas. Perhaps, write an article for The Stone Chipper or sign-up to bring meeting refreshments. Do you want to make our annual show even better? Talk to Ludie Toles and see what you can do. Do you want to spread your love of Geology, Minerals, Cabbing, Faceting, …etc? Talk to me about outreach events. The opportunities abound. They are but ours to seize.

Faithfully Your President,

Scott R. Steelman


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