Programs Committee

The Second Vice-President shall serve as the Program Chair and is responsible for providing speakers for each regular meeting.  These programs shall be relevant to the interests and purpose of the Society.  The name of the presenter and the topic shall  be  reported  to  the  newsletter  editor  prior  to  publication  of  the  monthly newsletter.   The Program Chair shall also prepare a nametag for the speaker  and give it to the Membership Chair prior to the meeting.The  Program  Chair  shall  also  be  responsible  for  the  annual  AGMS  Swap  Meet and  Sale  and  the  annual  auction.    For  the  auction  s/he  shall  be  responsible  for asking  for donated materials, shall arrange for auctioneers  and cashiers and shall be responsible for publicity for both the swap meet and the auction.

Current Chair is always the 2nd Vice-President.  To suggest a speaker for a future meeting, e-mail the 2nd Vice-President.