December 2016 President’s Notes


Here’s hoping that each and every one of you have a joyous and safe holiday season. May you all have a safe and rock filled, adventurous 2017.

Our club saw numerous changes this past year: re-introduction of scheduled field trips, a weekend open shop, partnering with a junior rockhound group, to name
a few. We have plans for the new ideas for 2017. For instance, mark your calendar for January 10th. The Mineral SIG (special interest group) will host a club-wide Field Trip planning session for 2017. Bring your wants, expectations, suggestions, etc., to plan out 2017.

In keeping with our Motto: “Each One, Teach One”; please send to me the number of hours you worked as a volunteer this past year. Include special events (FossilFest, Nature Treasures, etc,) teaching at our workshops, presentations to school groups, scouts, etc. Don’t include Gem Caper Hours, I’ll get those hours from the Committee. These hours are a good measuring stick for our club.

If I didn’t see you at the holiday dinner, I hope to see you in January. As the t-shirt says: Be Calm and Carrying On, but also find a rock or two and/or take a great piece of jewelry.


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