Classes are offered by AGMS and are taught by volunteer members  for AGMS members. Classes are offered, based on requests and availability of instructors and equipment. Class length and meeting times are set by the instructor, and vary dependent upon the class. A nominal fee is charged for the classes to cover the cost of operating the facility. Some classes require the  student to purchase consumables, generally outside the class.

The club depends on its members to teach classes, so we’re always looking for volunteers. If you or someone you know has a special talent and would be willing to teach a class, please email for more information.

Classes Offered:

Cabbing 101 – A prerequisite for using the cabbing room equipment, the class will walk students through the process of creating their a cabachon and teach basic safety and maintenance procedures for the equipment.  Additional  material may covered depending upon teacher’s expertise and available time.

Faceting 101 – A prerequisite for using the Faceting Room Equipment, the class will walk students through the fundamentals of faceted gem cutting and they will cut a faceted stone.  The class will also teach basic safety and maintenance procedures for the equipment.

Slabbing 101 – A prerequisite for using the slab saws in the Slabbing Shed, students will learn proper techniques for slabbing rough material and teach basic safety and maintenance procedures for the equipment.

Metalsmithing 101 – Student will learn how to perform basic metalsmithing tasks: soldering, sawing, etc.  and create a simple piece of jewelry using these techniques (typically a pendant).

Wire Wrapping 101 – Student will learn basic techniques in wire wrapping to wrap simple pieces of jewelry.  Examples could include pendants, rings, bracelets and earrings.

Steps to take to enroll in AGMS classes

Classes are open to AGMS members whose memberships are current. The fees are minimal.

  1. The first step is to sign up on a waiting list.  The notebook is at the front desk during general meetings.
  2. If unable to attend a general meeting, you can be added to a waiting list via email to
  3. Write your name and email address in the book CLEARLY. Include your phone number, but more class information and notices are sent to your email address. Phone calls are only in emergencies, i.e., last minute changes, etc.
  4. There is not a set schedule for classes.  Classes are scheduled when an instructor is available and there are several people on the waiting list.
  5. If an instructor is available on certain dates but there are not enough people for a particular class, a notice is posted on the Yahoo List and added to the calendar on the club’s website.

Upcoming Classes:

(Spaces in classes MUST be reserved with the EDUCATION Committee Chair PRIOR to attending classes)