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News from the AGMS President

January 2017 President’s Notes


Happy 2017! May you find that special specimen, no scratches on that perfect cab/stone, and no kinks in your wire wrap.

Great opportunities will continue this year. At the Min-SIG meeting, field trips will be plannned for the year. Third Saturday workshops will be available for your shop needs.

Thanks to the 2016 Board for their service. We appreciate John C.’s and Paul B.’s years of energy as they leave the Board. We welcome Kathleen H. and Gene H. as the Board tackles 2017.

Hope everyone made a New Year’s resolution to become more active in AGMS.


December 2016 President’s Notes


Here’s hoping that each and every one of you have a joyous and safe holiday season. May you all have a safe and rock filled, adventurous 2017.

Our club saw numerous changes this past year: re-introduction of scheduled field trips, a weekend open shop, partnering with a junior rockhound group, to name
a few. We have plans for the new ideas for 2017. For instance, mark your calendar for January 10th. The Mineral SIG (special interest group) will host a club-wide Field Trip planning session for 2017. Bring your wants, expectations, suggestions, etc., to plan out 2017.

In keeping with our Motto: “Each One, Teach One”; please send to me the number of hours you worked as a volunteer this past year. Include special events (FossilFest, Nature Treasures, etc,) teaching at our workshops, presentations to school groups, scouts, etc. Don’t include Gem Caper Hours, I’ll get those hours from the Committee. These hours are a good measuring stick for our club.

If I didn’t see you at the holiday dinner, I hope to see you in January. As the t-shirt says: Be Calm and Carrying On, but also find a rock or two and/or take a great piece of jewelry.


November 2016 President’s Notes

PARTNERSHIPS are a core element of any organization. AGMS is no  different. Our partnerships are numerous. Probably our Gem Capers illustrates how many we truly have. Stop and recall how many you can identify.

Fossilfest is just around the corner. One of our greater partners is hosting their annual show in Georgetown. I plan to be there both days staffing the AGMS booth. Won’t you come join me?

Continuing this PARTNERSHIP thread, we are planning 2017 field trips soon.  We will be reaching out to several of our partners in joint trips.  More about this at our November meeting. See you there!


October President’s Notes

October is here and so we focus upon OUR show. Your help is needed to ensure that our services, activities and booths are covered. If you haven’t done so, find Brian’s e-mail (jmw…) which has the volunteer schedule. Pick an activity on those days you can help and let Brian know.

We will have a General meeting on Oct 27th. We are trying to get one of the speakers at the show to present their Gem Capers’ program. It’s frustrating to be working and miss one of the talks. By having one of them present at our meeting helps all of us.

We are still scheduled for the field trip scheduled for Oct 29th. Frank Roberts will go with us and share the geology, history, etc. Details will be forwarded later this month.

Speaking about field trips, the Board is seeking suggestions for trips for 2017. We are seeking day as well as overnight(s) trips. We’ll also try co-oping with other rock clubs. Some suggestions have been: topaz hunting,
Emerald Ridge pegmatite, Thanksgiving -West Texas agate hunt, Hot Springs-Arkansas hunt as well as back to the petrified wood ranch. So let me or one of the Board members know of your interests.

See you at GEM CAPERS,