April 2017 President’s Notes


April is a month of COLOR. Our hobby is blessed with the full COLOR array. Minerals, cabs, slabs, stones, leaverites, beads and metal craft show off the beauty of COLOR. When you travel around  this month, stop and notice the wildflower COLOR. One of my favorite wildflower scenes is located in and about the less traveled roads of LLano, Burnet and surrounding counties. If you haven’t  been out in recent years, this year promises to be a great year due to the cold & wet Fall/Winter.

Speaking of COLOR, did you know that AGMS have a Short-Wave and a Long-Wave lights. These lights check for minerals that fluoresce. The lights’ wavelengths excite the electrons in the minerals. When this happens the rock gives off  energy in the form of light. The COLORS are many times intense. The Mineral SIG meets on the second Tuesday and frequently  checking rocks/minerals. To learn more about ‘fluorescence’ visit Nature’s Rainbow site. (www.naturesrainbows.com).

Be sure to show any wildflower and rock COLOR that you discovered in your April travels at our meeting this month.


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