March 2017 President’s Notes


Spring and March are on the doorstep. Schools’ Spring Break offers chances to hit the road and rock hunt.

One opportunity is to travel the Llano & Burnet county roads. One can find various rock layers which contain interesting rocks/minerals. If you see something interesting, stop and look. Be mindful that you don’t cross and property lines/ fences. Llano has a rock shop on the Square which has Texan rocks and minerals. Mason has an ‘antique/collectible’ shop just off the Square. They have several Mason County Topaz including some with the classic BLUE color. You might even find one of the granite cutting shops opened. They might let you observe the processes.

Regarding the AGMS’ news, we are still looking for some members to fill vacant Chairs. I will speak to these positions at the General meeting; for example the Field Trip Chair & Building/Property Chair. I plan to have a tasks listing to help clarify what is expected. Some of these positions and expectations can be found in the Bylaws & Operating Procedures. You can access these on the Web Page.

And remember, if you go on a trip please share with us during the Show & Tell portion of the General Meeting. See you then.

February 2017 President’s Notes


The warmer months are rapidly approaching (if not already here). Time to get into our garages, closets and shops and make sure our tools and equipment are ready to go. Unfortunately AGMS continues to work without a Field Trip Chair. Any one is interested in coordinating these events, give me a call or email. One doesn’t have to be the leader, just coordinate. Thanks to Sue P. for letting us know about the San Antonio club’s trip to the valley quarry.

Mark your calendar for APRIL 8th. That is the date for our SWAP & SELL MEET. This is your opportunity to sell and swap your handiwork and items. Again, we will have indoor and outdoor spaces available.

  • To secure an outdoor hundred foot space contact James Mercier. the rental rate is $20.00 and includes 1-2 tables.
  • Also contact James Mercer for an indoor space. Indoor space is based upon an 8 foot table. The rental rate is $20.00 and includes one table, two chairs and access to electricity.

Availability is based upon first contact, first reserved.

On another note, James Mercier has stepped forward to serve as Gem Capers Show Chair. This very important job is in good hands following two great Chairs: Chip and Sue P. Other Chairs are still vacant and need someone to step forward and help AGMS. We are in need of a Building Chair. Someone to coordinate the daily and short term maintenance and repairs as needed at the club house. Again, give me a call or eMail and I’ll describe what’s the position is expected to do. As for most Chair positions these jobs are not relying upon one individual but rather the inclusion of the AGMS body.

Remember that the workshop is open on Wednesday nights and the third Saturday. I host the Saturday workshop. Stop by and we can visit about these Chairs vacancies and/or other AGMS’ needs.

Be safe.


January 2017 President’s Notes


Happy 2017! May you find that special specimen, no scratches on that perfect cab/stone, and no kinks in your wire wrap.

Great opportunities will continue this year. At the Min-SIG meeting, field trips will be plannned for the year. Third Saturday workshops will be available for your shop needs.

Thanks to the 2016 Board for their service. We appreciate John C.’s and Paul B.’s years of energy as they leave the Board. We welcome Kathleen H. and Gene H. as the Board tackles 2017.

Hope everyone made a New Year’s resolution to become more active in AGMS.


December 2016 President’s Notes


Here’s hoping that each and every one of you have a joyous and safe holiday season. May you all have a safe and rock filled, adventurous 2017.

Our club saw numerous changes this past year: re-introduction of scheduled field trips, a weekend open shop, partnering with a junior rockhound group, to name
a few. We have plans for the new ideas for 2017. For instance, mark your calendar for January 10th. The Mineral SIG (special interest group) will host a club-wide Field Trip planning session for 2017. Bring your wants, expectations, suggestions, etc., to plan out 2017.

In keeping with our Motto: “Each One, Teach One”; please send to me the number of hours you worked as a volunteer this past year. Include special events (FossilFest, Nature Treasures, etc,) teaching at our workshops, presentations to school groups, scouts, etc. Don’t include Gem Caper Hours, I’ll get those hours from the Committee. These hours are a good measuring stick for our club.

If I didn’t see you at the holiday dinner, I hope to see you in January. As the t-shirt says: Be Calm and Carrying On, but also find a rock or two and/or take a great piece of jewelry.


November 2016 President’s Notes

PARTNERSHIPS are a core element of any organization. AGMS is no  different. Our partnerships are numerous. Probably our Gem Capers illustrates how many we truly have. Stop and recall how many you can identify.

Fossilfest is just around the corner. One of our greater partners is hosting their annual show in Georgetown. I plan to be there both days staffing the AGMS booth. Won’t you come join me?

Continuing this PARTNERSHIP thread, we are planning 2017 field trips soon.  We will be reaching out to several of our partners in joint trips.  More about this at our November meeting. See you there!